Westwood Hills Park
3107 Browns Valley Road


  • Browns Valley Road about 2 miles west of Highway 29 (First St exit)
  • No camping allowed
  • Parking is Free and the lot is small, it can only hold about 10-12 cars
  • Park is never really crowded
  • Nice hike for the kids to take
  • There are several benches along the trails and occasional picnic tables positioned for panoramic viewing
  • Be wary of poison oak

Nice park with a hiking trail that leads to a great view of Napa.

Westwood consists mostley of hills and valleys...no flat stuff (a good thing). It's not even a mile outside of Napa going west on Browns Valley Rd.(First St.)...bonus for being close to downtown hotels and locals.

You can go straight uphill to the top, or choose one of many minor trails that shoot off what seems to have once been a main service/ranch road.

All trails end up back on each other so getting lost is impossible.

The view at the top is increadible, with beautiful canopy of oaks and bay trees that must be hundreds of years old.

You'll also walk out on to meadows that open up to vistas that are a mix of quintessential, old Napa Valley, and a California Milk commercial...stunning.

Of course, it didn't hurt to take this hike in March when everything is emerald green, the mustard and wildflowers are going crazy and brooks are still babbling.

If you look at it on a Napa map, you might pass it by for someplace bigger and wilder like Skyline Park, but on a pleasant afternoon in April, Westwood Hills Park in Napa was just the getaway you may be seeking.

After parking in the small, free parking lot on Brown’s Valley Road, you’ll walk through the gate into dense forest.

Almost immediately the sound of the traffic and sights of civilization are a thing forgotten as you ascend through a gloriously fragrant grove of eucalyptus trees.

There are many trails in the park, interconnecting and meandering through groves of live oak, collections of huge moss-covered boulders and sunny wildflower-strewn meadows.

There are several benches along the trails and occasional picnic tables positioned for panoramic viewing. The top of the main trail opens up to a broad view of the Napa Valley and beyond.

Be prepared for a few steep inclines along the way and wear sturdy shoes that will stand up to the random patch of loose gravel. I brought a hiking staff with me and was glad I did.

Be wary of the abundant poison oak – staying to the trails should keep you safe. The park is open from dawn til dusk.

Using the Valley View, Rocky Ridge, Meadow, Oak Knoll, North Knoll, and Deer trails, this semi-loop route explores most of Westwood Hills Park, a small patch of eucalyptus forest, oak woodland, and open grassland west of Hwy. 29, on the outskirts of the City of Napa.

The park was opened in January 1976.

Don't let only 3 miles of trails hold you back, as this is a great place to spend a few hours on a relaxing hike through a heavily wooded area in west Napa.

Even a few cattle may keep you company on your journey. Climb to the top of the park for a fabulous view of the city and the vast vineyards to the north.

Westwood Parking Lot - Off Browns Valley Road

Westwood Hills Trail Head Start

Westwood Hills Trail Start

Westwood Hills Park Trail

Westwood Hills Park View from Top

Westwood Hills Park View from Top


Trail Statistics & Information

Activity Type: Hiking
Nearby City: Napa
Elevation Gain: Minimal
Trail Type: Loop ~ 3 Miles of Trails
Trail Surface: Dirt Trails & Fire Roads
Skill Level: Easy
Duration: ~ 1 hour
Season: Year-round
Open: Sunrise to Sunset
Rules: No Entrance Fees, No Dogs or Bikes.
Local Contacts: City of Napa Parks and Recreational Department


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