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Favorite Hikes of author of this website:

Favorite Local - Napa "exercise" Hikes: All located close to Town of Napa

  • Alston Park (Dog Friendly) - Free - (Dry Creek Road near Redwood Road)
  • Westwood Hills Park (Great Views of City of Napa) - Free - Browns Valley Road (Extension of First Street)
  • Skyline Wilderness Park - Cross between Hiking / Exercise / Biking etc ($5 Car - 4 People & $1 extra per person)

Hiking Reminders and Etiquette: Be respectful to the land, water, vegetation and property.  Do not trespass on anyone's private property; do not harm property, trails and vegetation.

I hope you enjoy the site. Keep on Hiking!

Below Hiking Areas - Site Map below travels from North (Calistoga) to South (Napa)

Stevenson Memorial Trail - Click Here

A five-mile long trail in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park leads to the top of Mount St. Helena, but gives hikers the option of a two-mile round trip to the Stevenson Memorial before it continues up to the summit over fairly rugged terrain. The climb through oak, madrone, California bay and knobcone pine ultimately yields one of the best views of Napa Valley and, on a clear day, of the Sierra Nevada range and the San Francisco Bay. The trail description at confirms that winter is the best season to experience this breathtaking view, but expect to experience a bit of a chill as well. The trailhead, on Highway 29, is north of Calistoga, 8.2 miles from the junction with Highway 128.

Oat Hill Mine Trail - Table Rock - Palasades - Click Here

The old Oat Hill Mine wagon road starts at the edge of Calistoga and climbs for 4.8 miles, through a geological and biological smorgasbord, before descending to Aetna Springs. Hikers will find a moderate climb with spectacular views of the valley, Palisades, and Sugarloaf mountain. To hike all the way to Aetna Springs, a second car is recommended to shuttle back to Calistoga. However, this trail has enough to offer - alternating thick forest canopy with wide vistas of grasslands, vineyards and chaparral all the way up to the Palisades and beyond - to make even a partial trek worthwhile.

Another option is to continue on the Palisades Trail to Table Rock and Highway 29, where it's also useful to have a second car for transport back to the crossroads of Highway 29 and Silverado Trail.

Bale Grist Mill - Click Here

The park is the site of a water-powered grist mill that was built in 1846. It was once the center of social activity as Napa Valley settlers gathered to have their corn and wheat ground into meal or flour. The owner of the mill was Dr. Edward Turner Bale. He received the property in a land grant from the Mexican government and lived near the site until his death in 1849. The mill remained in use until the early 1900s.

Bothe-Napa Valley State Park - Click Here

3801 North Saint Helena Highway (Hwy 29)
Calistoga, CA 94515
(707) 942-4575

50 Campsites, plus RV Camping. Please call MISTIX at 1(800) 444-PARK to make reservations! Horseback Riding available at this facility, call Napa Valley Trail Rides at (707) 996-8566.

Five miles north of St. Helena, off Highway 29, several trails wend through coastal redwoods, Douglas fir, and madrone, from Ritchey Canyon to Coyote Peak.

This park, near the northwestern corner of Napa Valley, tends to have more rain than the eastern regions of the county - all the better to bask in the rich riparian woodland and evergreen forest, and to inhale the enchanting aroma of California bay laurel in the wet season. For information on the 8.5 miles of trails in the park, visit

Devils Punchbowl Falls - Click Here

Angwin, Napa County.

Devils Punchbowl Falls is a very scenic little 14 ft. high waterfall dropping into a gorgeous little gorge and pool.


I had received an email from the facilities manager of St. Helena hospital which owns the property that the trail to the falls are located on. The property owner clearly states the property is private and trespassers will be prosecuted. Upon request, I have removed the street address and trail descriptions.

Zim Zim Falls - Knoxville Road - Lake Berryessa - Click Here

The trail along Zim Zim Creek provided nice, easy hiking, but be prepared to wade across the creek many times.

Depending upon the flow in the creek it may be possible to keep your feet dry if your hiking boots are waterproof. Alternatively you may want to go barefoot across the creek or wear shoes that you don't mind getting totally wet.

Lake Berryessa - Click Here

Summer is not hiking season, but in the  mornings, or if the weather is clement, there are trails to be hiked.

Location: approximately 32 miles from Downtown Napa
Directions: take Silverado Trail to CA-121 N/Monticello Rd, turn left at CA-128 W/Capell Valley Rd, turn right at Berryessa Knoxville Rd/Knoxville Rd, slight left, turn right, turn right.

Smittle Creek Trail: This is a 2.6 mile easy trail along the shoreline between Smittle Creek Park and Oak Shores Park. 
North End Trail: This especially scenic trail winds along the north shore of Lake Berryessa. The trail is an easy one with limited elevation gain and wonderful views down the full length of the lake, some 10 miles away, and to the Blue Ridge to the east.

Pope Canyon Trail: This scenic trail follows the original Pope Canyon Road roadbed for about one and a half miles until the roadbed disappears into the lake.

Segments of the Blue Ridge Loop Trail:  The full hike is a 4 mile loop hike up Cold Canyon, and then a climb up to and return along  the Blue Ridge. This is a very strenuous hike.

The Homestead Trail: This trail is on land that is part of the UC Davis Natural Reserve System, one of the few such reserves that allows public access. NO DOGS are allowed on this trail to protect the creek, plants, wildlife, and ongoing research projects. 

Up to Blue Ridge: This is a strenuous switchback trail from Cold Canyon up to the top of Blue Ridge. 


Napa River (Crossroads Yountville) - Click Here
Napa River Ecological Reserve,
Napa County Parks/California Department of Fish & Game,
Napa County

  • Location:
    • Yountville Cross Roads - Between Hwy 29 and Silverado Trail in Yountville
    • Entrance is by the Bridge
  • Not Accessable during winter months: Typically Dec - April
  • 1 mile loop in a tiny preserve along the Napa River, where trails squeeze through a jungle of vegetation in summer
  • Rules: Open sunrise to sunset. Single trail is hiking only. Dogs are permitted on leash.

Alston Park (Dog Friendly) - Click Here

Popular multi-use for hikers, bicyclists, horses and dog owners
Location: Northwest of the city of Napa
Directions: Take Trower Avenue west from Highway 29 to Dry Creek Road.
Distance 2 ½ miles roundtrip
Grade: Easy

Archer Taylor Reserve - Click Here

The 380 acre Archer - Taylor Preserve contains some of the oldest & largest stands of redwoods in the Napa County and the habitats range from redwood riparian to grassy meadows.

It is the result of the extraordinary and exemplary generosity and foresight of the Taylor family.

Preserve, located in Napa county, once owned by Taylor family, now is a protected area maintained by a non-profit organization Napa Land Trust. The trust organizes several hikes in this preserve every year.

Westwood Hills Park - Click Here
3107 Browns Valley Road

Trail Statistics & Information

    Activity Type: Hiking
    Nearby City: Napa
    Elevation Gain: Minimal
    Trail Type: Loop ~ 3 Miles of Trails
    Trail Surface: Dirt Trails & Fire Roads
    Skill Level: Easy
    Duration: ~ 1 hour
    Season: Year-round
    Open: Sunrise to Sunset
    Rules: No Entrance Fees, No Dogs or Bikes.
    Local Contacts: City of Napa Parks and Recreational Department

Skyline Wilderness Park - Click Here

Location: Just east of the City of Napa
Directions: Take Highway 29 or 221 to the intersection of Imola Avenue and Soscol Avenue. Follow Imola to its end at Forth Street
Lake Marie Road: Skylines most popular trail
Distance: 4 miles roundtrip
Grade: Easy
Rimrock Trail: Best views in the park. Return via Lake Marie Road, or for the “Superloop” via Skyline Trail.
Distance: 7.5 miles roundtrip
Grade: Moderately Strenuous
Skyline Trail: The classic hike, its four miles are part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail

Within this 850 acres of treasured open space, a 5.8-mile loop trail of moderate difficulty climbs through grassy oak woodlands and chaparral. With limited cover and a potential for serious heat in the summer, the trail is a perfect candidate for winter hiking. A detailed guide to the Skyline Park trail, including native plants to be seen


Mt. George Waterfall hike - Click Here

Enjoy wildflowers in bloom on this Land Trust hike. View
a waterfall from the top, then hike some steep trails along a creek to the
Silver Mine where the creek cascades over the top of the cave. After
lunch, venture through a canopy of manzanita to the top of the
mountain, at 1877 feet.


Oxbow Preserve Restoration Project

Location:  City of Napa - The entrance to the park is from McKenzie Drive just off the Silverado Trail. There is a gate to the park that leads to the parking area that has 8 parking spaces. Dogs are allowed currently on leash per our municipal code.
Hours: The park and parking area are open at sunrise and closed at sunset each day. Distance: 12.7 acres of green in the oxbow of the Napa River across the river from Copia.
Grade: Easy

Kennedy Park Trail
Directions: On Streblow Drive off Soscol Avenue, just south of the Napa Valley College
Distance: 7/8 mile one way
Grade: Easy

Rooster’s Ridge
Fish and Game managed land with future trail extension to Stag’s Leap
Location: In the Howell Mountains east of Yountville
Directions: From Trancas Street in Napa the trailhead is 8.7 miles north on Silverado Trail, just south of the county of Napa, Yountville Maintenance Facility
Distance: ½ mile+
Grade: Moderate

Lake Hennessey
Excellent lakeside winter birding at Napa’s municipal reservoir
Location: Conn Valley east of St. Helena
Directions: From St. Helena take Pope Street, Howell Mountain and Conn Valley Road to the Lake.
Distance 4 miles roundtrip
Grade: Easy 

Public's right to access to public waterways and rivers:

California Law relating to the public's right to use rivers for recreational use
(click on the links to further search the code)

 CA Codes (gov:66478.1-66478.14)
66478.2.  The Legislature finds and declares that the public natural resources of this state are limited in quantity and that the population of this state has grown at a rapid rate and will continue to do so, thus increasing the need for utilization of public natural resources.  The increase in population has also increased demand for private property adjacent to public natural resources through real estate subdivision developments which resulted in diminishing public access to public natural resources.

66478.3.  The Legislature further finds and declares that it is essential to the health and well-being of all citizens of this state that public access to public natural resources be increased.  It is the intent of the Legislature to increase public access to public natural resources.

 CA Codes (gov:25660-25662)
SECTION 25660-25662

25660.  On the application of any person interested, the board of supervisors may by ordinance declare all or any portion of any slough, river, or stream to be a public highway for the purpose of fishing therein, if it:
   (a) Does not lie within or run through cultivated land lying within the county.
   (b) Is stocked or supplied in whole or in part with fish by the state or counties.
   (c) Has not been declared by law to be navigable and in fact is not navigable for commercial purposes.
   From the time the ordinance becomes effective, the slough, river, or stream is a public highway for such purpose, subject only to the reservations contained in this article.

25661.   If any owner of land adjacent to or across which the slough, river, or stream declared to be a highway for fishing flows does not consent to its use for such purpose with the right to pass along the banks for the purpose of fishing and on application refuses to grant the right of passage to the county by suitable instrument in writing, the board may contract for and purchase any such rights.

25662.  If the right of passage cannot be purchased at a satisfactory price, the board may authorize condemnation proceedings to be commenced to procure the right.



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